Molecular Structure

The Macromolecular Crystallography Facility allows users to determine the three-dimensional structures of macromolecules using X-ray diffraction. The Facility houses an X-ray generator and two detectors as well as accompanying cryo-cooling devices. The Rigaku MicroMax 007 generator provides some of the strongest radiation outside of synchrotron sources and enables data collection on crystals with unit cell dimensions up to 300 Å. A Phoenix liquid-handling robot can set up hundreds of crystallization experiments within minutes. A CrysCam digital microscope and three high-magnification stereomicroscopes aid in the detection and manipulation of crystals. Four workstations loaded with the most current crystallographic software are available to help users build and refine macromolecular structures. Dynamic light scattering and differential scanning fluorimetry instruments are also on site. The Facility sends crystals to synchrotrons each month for remote data collection.  Staff is available to both train interested users in collecting, processing, and interpreting data as well as perform structural analysis on a service basis.



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December 8, 2019

Data collection on APS Beamline 23-ID-D


December 9-11, 2019

Structure Determination Workshop


December 11, 2019

Structural Biology Journal Club, 12 pm, NHB 4.202