The Proteomics Facility provides services, self-service equipment, and collaborative research for the detection, characterization, and quantification of proteins and other biomolecules. The facility labs are located in MBB 1.420 (College of Natural Sciences) and PHR 5.220 (College of Pharmacy). We are participating in the UT System Proteomics Core Facility Network.

Contact us by phone at 512-471-2895 or email to

We are located at 2500 Speedway in MBB 1.420 and operating hours are M-F 9 am – 5 pm.

We have an online sample submission form if you would like to submit a sample to the Proteomics Facility. Please email the Proteomics Facility staff before submission for a consultation on what type of analysis is best for your experiment.

Please visit the Proteomics Facility Wiki for protocols and FAQs.

News and Announcements:

  • Check out our Intavis DigestPro robot for robotic digest and desalting. Save time, pipettor’s thumb and get high reproducibility by taking advantage of automation.
  • Specialized proteomics services are available via the UT System Proteomics Network. These include CyTOF, Reversed Phase Protein Arrays, top-down proteomics and UVPD fragmentation, glycoform analysis, and HDX exchange.